To live our best life, we must actualize. And to actualize is to thrive in every single area of our lives. Obviously this is lifetime pursuit.

Life Coaching gets you started and empowers you for the journey ahead.

Life Coaching sessions revolve around five main things:

  1. Assessment of the overall health and wellbeing of the person, holistically-speaking (from a whole-life perspective)
  2. Identification of obstacles and barriers to success
  3. Identification of goals for achieving desired success
  4. Development of short- and long-term plans to reach desired goals
  5. Follow-up on strategic plans delineated in prior sessions

Life Coaching is:

  • Very specific
  • Focused on one thing at a time
  • Strategic

Life coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and cost $150. The first session of Life Coaching is the In-Depth Life Assessment.

To schedule a Life Coaching session, contact Nani to schedule an appointment.

Phone: (786) 803–7922