As I mentioned in my introduction, what makes me the therapist that I am is the fact that I have been doing my own personal and spiritual growth work since 2002. I am a firm believer that we cannot take someone somewhere we have not been. I have a deep sense of compassion and empathy toward humanity in general, because I know that this life is not easy. I get that change is difficult, and I also understand that people have to be ready for a change.

As a result, one thing that individuals can count on when they work with me is that I will have compassion and understanding throughout the entire process. I will never judge anyone for anything they tell me or anything they do or don’t do, because it is not my role here to judge but to help and support. I meet people where they are and support them at that level, all the while offering the encouragement that they can do whatever they need to do and overcome any problem. I also use honesty and direct communication to lovingly confront issues, sabotaging behaviors and obstacles to change.


Through meditative practices and deep spiritual work, I have developed profound intuitive abilities. I rely heavily on my intuition to get a sense of where people are, energetically speaking. I believe a good therapist hears what is not said and sees what is not displayed. Often our intuition can help us perceive information that our other senses cannot pick up on.

Root causes:

I often state that if I were a medical doctor, I would be a surgeon. When I work with individuals I always seek to find the root causes to their problems. In fact, if we do not remove the root, we cannot heal the issue. This area is a prime example of how my intuition and clinical expertise come together to provide me with a more holistic picture of the individual. Within the first evaluative session, I usually have a good idea as to the main issues affecting the person, as well as the root causes maintaining them.

The Mind (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuroplasticity and the Law of Attraction):

Invariably, at the root of every problem in our lives lie unconscious belief systems. I have studied in-depth the power of the mind and brain from many different angles — the psychotherapeutic angle, the scientific/biological angle and the metaphysical angle. And they all point to the same profound fact: If we change our thinking, we can change our entire lives.

Most of what affects our lives exists at the subconscious level as belief systems. From the moment of birth we have been programmed by our experiences – the positive ones, negative ones and neutral ones. Therefore, just like a computer program cannot be edited until it is opened, our belief systems cannot be altered unless they are brought to the level of consciousness.

A primary aspect of my counseling work is to help individuals become aware of subconscious, self-defeating belief systems. Once they become aware of these belief systems, I invariably educate them on the principles of neuroplasticity (in layman terms), as these will empower them to change their own brains in real time and during the course of their daily lives, which is when the majority of healing takes place.

I also provide my clients with psychoeducational training on the understanding and implementation of the Law of Attraction in their lives. The Law of Attraction is the fundamental law and power behind everything that humans have created in this world (good and bad). It is the power to create the life and reality that we desire.  I have obtained a deep understanding of the Law of Attraction and have mastered the use of it to create God’s best in every area and aspect of my life. It is my desire to teach my clients the same, as I know without it they will have mediocre results – at best.

Releasing blockages:

My greatest frustration as a psychotherapist has been in working with individuals for an extended period of time yet little to no change has been obtained. In all of these cases, I have found the presence of energetic blockages within the individual that are creating stagnation and resistance to change. For this reason it is not uncommon for me to use various energetic approaches to facilitate healing and the release of blockages. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Guided imagery meditation
  • Breathe work
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Mirror work
  • Energetic healing
  • Prayer